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Quiz By : AK47~girl

What Spongebob character are you?

1.  What is your favourite colour?

2.  If you lived under the sea, what would be your house?
 A pinapple
 A rock
 An island head
 An ancor
 A restaurant
 A tree dome

3.  What is the most important thing to you?
 Peace and Quiet!
 Getting that formular!
 Home, family.

4.  What do you do all day?
 Go to work or school.
 Go to work.
 Count my money.
 Try to steal things.
 Exercise on my wheel, go snowboarding

5.  How tall are you?
 Medium height.
 Taller than most people
 Body isn't that big, my eyes are.
 Normal size.

6.  What are you most scared of?
 Losing my friends.
 Umm...people thinking I'm an idiot.
 Annoying people.
 Losing my MONEY!
 Not being ready for winter.

7.  Who is your favourite spongbob character out of these people:
 Gary (the snail)
 Rocky (the rock)
 Squidwards grama
 Pearl (the whale)
 Karan (the computer)
 Sandy in Texas. (as a real squirrel) | Copyright 2006-2008