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Quiz By : AK47~girl

What animal are you?

1.  What is your favourite colour?
 Oh...I don't know...they are ALL nice!
 Browns, Black, Blonde, whites,chocolate

2.  Do you like to help others?
 I will be there for them whenever they need me.
 No! I always sneak off!
 I will bring them food and keep them safe.
 Only my family.
 I am ALWYAS there for them.
 They can call me whenever they want.

3.  What kinds of food are your favourite?
 Fruits and Veg
 Whatever I find.
 Meat and gravy.
 Whatever I'm given.

4.  Do you like to have some-one of your kind by you?
 I am the only one of my kind.
 No! They will never find me!
 To get what I need, I need them with me.
 Not when I'm doing something important
 All I need are my owners.
 I might get lonely, so yes.

5.  What hairstyle do you like the best?
 I don't need hair!
 Multi coloured
 Straight and strong
 Curly or Straight
 Big and fluffy!

6.  What super power would you want the most?
 To Fly and Be beautiful
 To be invisable
 The run really quick
 To be wise and strong
 To be loved. (I don't need one)
 To shrink. | Copyright 2006-2008