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Quiz By : AK47~girl

What will your boyfriend look like?

1.  What colour eyes do you love?
 Light Blue

2.  What job would your ideal man have?
 Cage fighter
 Tattoo artist
 Whatever you wan't him to be.

3.  What would your boyfriend arrange for you as a surprise date?
 Wrestling match.
 Make up session then dinner
 What you always dreamt of doing.

4.  What would his nick-name be?
 Punk king!
 Dream boy

5.  What pet would your boyfriend have?
 German shepard.
 Whatever you picked

6.  If I got a text from someone saying my boyfriend had cheated on me I would...
 No do anything, he would hurt me
 Burn everything he had ever owned!
 Slap him and tell him its over then kick him out the house
 Not say anything because he loves me and he wouldn't do that.

7.  My boyfriends name would be...
 Jacob | Copyright 2006-2008