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Quiz By : AK47~girl

What disney princess are you?

1.  What colour eyes do you have?
 dark brown

2.  Do you dream of your prince?
 No! I have too much stuff to do!
 Oh, everyday!
 I can...But I will never see him.
 I don't...I'm afaid they will hurt me.
 I'm fighting for him!
 I'm not one of HIS KIND.

3.  Do you have many friends/sisters?
 Oh yes! Many, many sisters!
 I have friends, but I don't think they respect me now.
 What are FRIENDS?
 I have 2 horrible evil sisters!
 I have 3 fairy friends!
 I've made good friends.

4.  Do you work hard?
 I work harder than anyone to get my dreams!
 Not really, to bribe my dad?
 I have to search for my work.
 I have devoted my life to work for this person.
 The hardest in this house!
 Umm...Not really.

5.  Do you like animals?
 I would KISS them!
 I'm scared of them at first.
 Uhh! They don't like me!
 More than anything!
 I live with them.
 You mean like dragons?

6.  What would you do for your love?
 I would give up my normal life for him!
 I would sell my soul to the devil.
  I would go to the war for them.
  I would leave my tower for him.
 I would leave my family for him.
 I would get grounded FOREVER for him.

7.  What do you do in your spare time?
 Work for my dreams.
 Talk to strangers
 The same thing as always

8.  Do you love your family?
 Not at all! They treat me like I'm not even there!
 I don't actually know my family.
 Yes, but I need to get out and meet new people.
 I would risk my life for them.
 I work to for-fill their dream.
 I can't decide between true-love and family.

9.  What colour hair do you have? (style)
 Short blonde hair
 Long blonde hair
 Long brown hair
 Short brown hair
 Red hair
 Black hair | Copyright 2006-2008