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Quiz By : 10mmcaree

1D love quiz-long result

1.  What is your favourite colour?

2.  What colour eyes do you like best for a boy?

3.  Which of these is most like your personality?
 Hyper, exciteable, funny
 Flirty, funny, loud
 Shy, silly, cute
 Vain, mysterious, fashionable
 Sensible, kind, caring

4.  Which of these do you notice first in a boy?

5.  Where would you like to meet him for the first time?
 In the park, when he sees you on your own
 In the shop, where you notice him flirting with you
 He accidently walks into you and you drop all of your things
 He mistakes you for his friend
 He helps you when you are being picked on

6.  Where do you want to go on honeymoon
 New York

7.  What kind of wedding do you want?
 A small wedding in the countryside
 A large, quirky wedding in the park
 A sophisticated church wedding
 A wedding on the beach in America
 A large wedding with everyone you know

8.  How many kids do you want?
 Just the 1

9.  When do you want your first kiss?
 First date- a snog under the stars
 First date-quick kiss as he walks you home
 Second date-when he walks you home
 Second date-when your least expecting it
 First date-on the cheek, second date properly

10.  Pick a face and late fate decide...
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