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Quiz By : peace1611

wh warrior cat you are and what clan ur in

1.  What would you hunt for to give to your clan?
 fish of course!
 rats yummy
 vovles duh!
 hawk its the best!
 berrys i dont do meat
 sqirrals ect.

2.  Would you want a mate?
 no of course nit im a medicine cat!
 yes i think after im done and get old ill settle down
 i dont mate
 yes how else will i get my kits
 uhhh i dont know
 maybe it depends..........

3.  What clan do you wish to be in:-)
  river clan
 wind clan
 thunder clan
 shadow clan
 thorn clan
 blood clan

4.  What color pelt or coat do you have?
 blue almost black
 orange with gold streaks
 siler and a little gray
 white with brown paws
 light blue with black paws

5.  What color eyes do u have
 lime green
 yellow ish brown ish

6.  What would you say ur personialty is?
 loving and kind
 quiet shy
 brave strong
 flexibly and smart
 nice but short temperd
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