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mlp fim quiz.

1.  What is Applejack's dog's name?

2.  In the episode called, "Party of One." What is one of Pinkie Pie's 'friends' name?
 Mr. Apple
 Mr. Turnip
 Sir. Lantsilot
 Miss Flour
 Rocky Balboa

3.  What is Rainbow Dash's pet turtle's name?
 The Tank

4.  In, 'Return of Harmony Part 2' Which way does the chocolate milk fill up when Discord puts it under the Cotton Candy Cloud?
 Bottom to Top
 Top to Bottom

5.  What animal does Fluttershy not really get along with?
 Sea Turtles
 Dragons (Except for Spike)

6.  What does Twilight Sparkle's dad have as a cutie mark.
 Full moon
 Half moon
 Four stars
 Three stars
 Crescent moon.
 Gibbous moon.

 Yes... I am :(
 No I'm not. -.-"
 (this isn't an answer) TELL THE TRUTH O_O"

8.  Why is Derpy Hooves cross-eyed?
 Because she was born that way.
 Discord did something to her.
 Queen of Changlings was to scary.
 Her eyes SLOWLY adjusted to being Cross-eyed.

9.  In 'Hearts and Hooves Day' what did you have to stir the recipe of LOVE with?
 Pegusis Wing
 Stick Stick Stick!!!

10.  Who is Applebloom's older sister. YOU HAVE TO GET IT CORRECT -.-"
 Granny Smith
 Rainbow Dash
 Twilight Sparkle
 Pinkie Pie

11.  What is Derpy Hooves cutie mark?
 Cross eyes
 BUBBLES <-- correct.
 14 bubbles

12.  How many cups of cider did Pinkie Pie get in SuperSpeedyCiderSqueezy6,000?

13.  After Cider Season what season is it?
 Diamond Season
 Dragon Season
 Saphire Season
 Crystal Season | Copyright 2006-2008