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Quiz By : Bluespring

What MoonClan cat are you? Part 1

1.  First of all, what pelt color?

2.  Fav color?

3.  Eye color?

4.  What rank?
 Med Cat

5.  Rp: Okay, so _Clan accuses your Clan of stealing their prey. What do you do?
 Let us settle this peacefully
 We must fight for justice!
 I'd better prepare my herbs...(sigh)
 How DARE you, mouse-brain?
 Protect my kits from harm...if we must fight
 Can I come?

6.  What Clan would you prefer? (Of the real Clans)

7.  Rp again: You're not on patrol, and aren't busy...what do you do?
 Plan important things for my Clan
 Go hunting alone
 Sort my herbs
 Share tongues with my mate
 Practice battle moves with my littermates | Copyright 2006-2008