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Quiz By : Katie1234509

Like My Boobs?

1.  Do you like big boobs?
 I idolize them!
 I like small ones.
 It depends on the girl...
 Just let me suck them now!!!
 Hate big ones!

2.  Do you do role play?
 I'll be the school girl and you'll be the boy!
 Let's just leave!!
 You be yourself, and I'd be the rapist!
 I'll be the nurse and you'll be the doctor!
 Get away from me!

3.  Last question. If we had babies, would you drink my milk?
 As long as it's not sour!
 No. Let the baby have it!
 I'd make your tits dry! I'll drink it all!
 Fuck noo! | Copyright 2006-2008