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Quiz By : Katie1234509

Fuck Me?

1.  What color hair do you like on girls?

2.  What color eyes?

3.  Do you go fast or slow during sex?
 Extremly fast
 Slowly Building Up
 I wouldn't!
 What do you want?

4.  Do you want me suck your cock?
 Do you want to?
 Yeah! If you don't, it's not fuckin!
 God! I want to cum in you!
 I'd make you do it!

5.  Do you like big tits?
 I like to read about boobs!
 It all depends!
 I need small ones to fit the whole thing into my mouth!
 Yeah! I love boobs!

6.  Would you leave your cock in me and sleep like that?
 I dunno...
 I guess?
 Are you kidding?
 I'd keep it like that forever.

7.  Last question. I want a man to suck on my big boobs. Would you finger me, suck my boobs, and put your dick in my ass and be like that forever?
 You're crazy!
 I guess?
 No way!!!!
 Yess! Finally a woman who understands!!
 You bet! | Copyright 2006-2008