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Quiz By : Katie1234509

Fuck You

1.  Where would you pick me up?
 Friend's Place

2.  What would you say to turn me on?
 You fuckin bitch. Take out your fuckin tits already. Let me suck 'em!
 Men need women. Men need women's body to have fun!
 Let's see that sexy bitches body.
 You're so diffrent. I love you. ( Kisses my neck)
 You're really nice. I love you. ( Making out)
 Let's watch a movie

3.  How many rounds would we go?
 A billion
 Infinity babe
 Just 10

4.  How would you suck my tits?
 Hard and strong. I'll make them dry by tonight!
 I'd pull your nipples and suck your tits so hard, you'd scream!
 I'd rather make out.
 I'd be very gentle.
 I would go slow then faster.
 I would finger you only.

5.  Do you want me to suck on your cock?
 Do you want to?
 It depends.
 Oh yeah baby.
 I'd cum in your mouth!

6.  Would you put your dick in me?
 I would wear a condom and then fuck you.
 Do you want to?
 Yeah! No condom, babe!
 God! Yesss!
 It depends.
 I would stretch your pussy!

7.  Do you like me?
 Duh! Of course!
 Yeah. I'm so horny!
 Let's meet first!
 I don't know yet! I didn't even meet you!
 Are you stupid? Of course no!

8.  What is the size of your dick?
 4 inches
 3 inches
 11 inches
 6 inches
 7 inches
 13 inches | Copyright 2006-2008