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Quiz By : WarriorCats01

How well do you know the warrior clans?

1.  In ''Into The Wild'', which clan welcomed Rusty?

2.  Whcih cat was Firepaw's mentor?

3.  How did firepaw and graypaw become warriors?
 They killed Yellowfang
 They, with Yellowfang and some shadowclan elders, rescued thunderclan kits and drove out Brokenstar with his warriors
 They drove out a clan by themselves
 Killed all twolegs and those that were loyal to them

4.  did sandstorm grow to respect fireheart?

5.  What happened after bluestar finally realize that tigerclaw was trying to kill her and become leader?
 Killed him
 Made him prisoner then killed him privately
 Drowned him in the river
 She kicked him out of the clan, after she made him a prisoner and stripped him of his deputyship

6.  Who did Firestar love more, Sandstorm or Spottedleaf?
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