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Quiz By : cinderpaw

The Awsome Pet Quiz

1.  First things first... what pet would you want to be?
 other mammals

2.  If you are a cat... what type would you be?
 doesn't matter
 not a cat

3.  If you are a dog... what type would you be?
 golden retriver

4.  what would you do for your daliy activity?
 play with your pet
 go on a walk
 go to the vet and make a check-up
 watch your pet bath
 watch them eat

5.  what place would your pet sleep?
 a little house
 a cage
 a tank
 a little tank with a igloo

6.  what would your pet eat?
 food with vitimans
 fish or cat food
 little pieces of bird food
 don't know what to feed your pet | Copyright 2006-2008