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Fun Warrior Cats Quiz

1.  If you found out your daughter/son was meeting with a cat from a different clan what would you do?
 Scold her/him and make her/him do apprentice duties for awhile.
 Ask your daughter/son who she/him was meeting and kill the cat from that clan.

2.  If you went to the mall what will the first thing pop into your mind?
 FASHION TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
 Oh good. Clothes and other crap.

3.  If your mentor got killed by a fox what would you do?
 Kill the fox and bring your mentor into the camp.
 Kill the fox and leave ur mentor for good.

4.  If it were between peace and battle what would you choose?
 Battle time!

5.  If you were to choose to be White with black paws or all ginger what would you choose?

6.  Whats your favorite color or colors?

7.  If a clan leader threatens you what would you do?
 Kill them even if they just got all of their lives.
 Get ready for attack on your camp.

8.  If you got spare time what would you do?
 Talk to your deputy about attacking the clan next door
 Hunt with Sandstorm
 Kill everyone that calls u a coward
 Talk to your deputy about Border patrols
 Groom yourself
 Go to the nursery and scold the mothers for no reason | Copyright 2006-2008