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Warrior Cats Quiz

1.  Who is Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather's real father.

2.  Who was Hawkfrost's helper.
 Hawkfrost (cause he trusted himself)
 Tigerstar (his father)
 Brambleclaw (his brother)
 Ashfur (A regular warrior of ThunderClan)
 Firestar (leader of ThunderClan)
 Blackstar (leader of ShadowClan)

3.  What was Jayfeathers role in ThunderClan?
 Medicine Cat

4.  Who is Tigerstar's mom?

5.  Who was Tigerstar's 2nd mate?
 Brook (where small fish swim)

6.  Who became blind and had to become an elder?

7.  What was Bluestars Warrior name?
 Bluestar (she was so good)

8.  What 'clan' lives in the mountains?
 Tribe of Rushing Water
 Tribe of Endless Hunting

9.  what clan does Firestar and Sandstorm re-make?

10.  who was the leader when Bluestar was not leader (but alive) ???

11.  Who was Cloudtails real mom

12.  Who was Oakhearts mate?

13.  who was One-eyes mentor?

14.  who was Firestar's 1st deputy?

15.  who was Firestar's 2nd deputy?

16.  Who was Firestar's 3rd deputy?

17.  who was the leader when Firestar died? (so sad)
 Graystar (graystripe)
 Whitestar (whitestorm)
 Bramblestar (Brambleclaw)
 Duststar (dustpelt)
 Darkstar (darkstripe)
 Longstar (longtail)

18.  This is a just for fun question.............. Is Hawkfrost... Look down to pick one. Pick what YOU think.
 Evil -evil laugh-
 Crazy in dee head
 A nobody

19.  now ok. THIS question is the dumbest one I have yet! So relax... and Enjoy... these dumb questions...

20.  AWW I MISSED THESE!!! Who was the 1st cat Firestar had as a friend?

21.  ok fun time over. this question........... Who is the old cat that is a loner and helped the 'chosen' cats find the sun-drown-place?
 Purdy <<<<<<

22.  What were the 2 clans that came b4 the 4?
 ShadowClan & RiverClan
 ThunderClan & WindClan
 LionClan & ShadowClan
 TigerClan & LionClan
 LionheartClan & TigerstarClan
 4 will become 2 Lion and Tiger will meet in battle and Blood will rule the forest.

23.  ok I LOVE the prophesies!!! Now, which one did Bluestar give Firestar when he became leader over ThunderClan?
 Fire Alone Will Save Our Clan.
 4 Will Become 2. Lion & Tiger Will Meet In Battle And Blood Will Rule The Forest.
 There Will be 3 kin of your kin who hold the power of the stars in their paws.
 Fire and Tiger will meet together destroy the forest.
 darkness, sky, air, and water will meet together and shake the forest to its roots.

24.  Who becomes deputy when Bramblestar becomes leader?

25.  You are now on the last question of this entire quiz... Which book does Leafpool tell her real kits that she's their mother.
 Dark shadows
 she never does
 Midnight (NOT THIS) | Copyright 2006-2008