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Quiz By : sunset5

Your Harry Potter Life

1.  What is your favorite color?

2.  Which is your favorite Hogwarts house?

3.  Favorite spell?

4.  Quidditch position?

5.  Hair colour?

6.  Two words that describe YOURSELF?
 Stealthy and elusive
 Courageous and a natural leader
 Amusing and strong-willed
 Determined and passionate

7.  Favorite persona in a boy?

8.  Favorite TV show?
 America's Got Talent
 Once Upon A Time

9.  Fave animal?

10.  Fave book series?
 The Hunger Games! Sci-fi all the way! Go dystopian world of Panem!
 Twilight! So dark and mysterious!
 Nancy Drew all the way!
 Harry Potter, duh! | Copyright 2006-2008