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Quiz By : Frostfern

What is your warrior cat name?

1.  If you saw your mate being attacked by a badger and your leader by a fox, which would you choose first?
 Duh... Your leader!
 Totally your mate.
 Run off and leave them both to die! Mwahahahaha
 Cinnamon Rolls!!

2.  What is your favorite season?

3.  What color eyes do you have?

4.  What do you normally try to get from the fresh kill pile?

5.  What is the rank in your clan?
 Medicine cat
 Seinor warrior
 Cinnamon rolls!!!

6.  What are your strong points?

7.  If you saw a kit being cornered by a bunch of foxes, what would you do?
 Save them, duh!
 Join in with the foxes
 Give the foxes a cinnamon roll and ask nicely to stop.
 Go and tell the nearest patrol.

8.  What is your personality?
 Kind, warm hearted and courageous.
 Evil, hungry for power and merderous.
 Caring, brave and loyal.
 Fast, loving and Patient | Copyright 2006-2008