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Quiz By : sunset5

How well do your know Josh Hutcherson?

1.  When was Josh Hutcherson born?
 November 13th, 1990
 October 12, 1776
 October 12, 1992
 September 5th, 1991
 July 4th, 1997
 December 5th, 1996

2.  What state was he born in?

3.  What is his eye color?

4.  Which of these movies was he NOT in??
 Journey to the Center of the Earth
 The Hunger Games
 Hotel for Dogs
 The Vampire's Assistant
 Kicking and Screaming
 Bridge to Terabitha

5.  What are his two favorite foods?
 Apples and beans
 Tacos and pizza
 Pizza and chicken
 Fish and pork
 Steak and hot dogs
 Cake and pie

6.  What's his favorite color?

7.  What's his zodiac sign?

8.  What's his obsession?
 Taking showers numerou times a day
 Petting himself
 Eating his hair
 Acting like a cat
 Biting his nails
 Licking his lips

9.  Full name?
 Joshua Thomas Hutcherson
 Joshua Ryan Hutcherson
 Joshua Richard Hutcherson
 Joshua Daniel Hutcherson
 Joshua David Hutcherson

10.  What's his natural hair color?
 Dark Brown
 Light Brown
 Brown with Highlights!!!

11.  What's his Skype name?
 Josh Hutcherson
 Josh the Rock star
 Daddy Design
 Nature rocks

12.  What's his religion?

13.  Height in 2011?
 5'4" | Copyright 2006-2008