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Quiz By : Cinderflight

My warrior name

1.  You are a.........

2.  You like to?
 find medinice

3.  You like to?

4.  Your fevorite number

5.  Choose a color

6.  Choose one

7.  Your spott
 no spott!
 spott tabby
 mix color(one color)
 mix(many color)

8.  Pick one color

9.  Choose one(eyes)

10.  Do you want a mate?

11.  Do you want kits?
 yes,I want one
 yes,I want two
 yes,I want three
 No,I don't

12.  Do you want to be a leader?

13.  You are a.........

14.  You are a......... | Copyright 2006-2008