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Quiz By : kra-z

What warrior is u

1.  When tangle kit falls into the river you
 Jump in not suspecting it to be that deep
 Paddle to the space where the kit is going to be swept
 Grab him as he floats by
 Swim to the rock he is on

2.  When you teach your apprentice lemonpaw to pounce she pounces on you and rips a bunch of fur out you
 Say You little scrap
 Calmly tell lemonpaw NO
 Heal it and she apologizes

3.  Your nest is made with

4.  You are or your mate is expecting kits what are their names
 Jewel kit ginger kit petal kit
 Rip kit honeykit gorsekit
 Lily kit stone kit bliss kit
 Night kit light kit brightkit

5.  What is your specialty
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