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Quiz By : moonshine98

what is your warrior cat mate for she cats

1.  what clan are you from?

2.  what tip of mate?
 good at swimging
 none of your fish

3.  what color of eyes you have?

4.  what is the color of your skin?
 black and white

5.  what if a cat ask you to hunt with him because he likes you but you don't?
 coldly turn him down
 make a excuse
 yes its not like were going to have kits
 if i have time!
 can we just be friends?

6.  what if your mate dumps you for another?
 kill him when he is alone
 what until his kits are born and kill them
 call him a mousebrain
 kill his mate
 find a new mate
 he was not good enough

7.  what if you see another clan cat hunting one your territory?
 attack them
 leave them alone
 kill him
 tell your leader growl and ask what they want
 chase them out
 there is no other clan near me mousebrain

8.  you ask the warrior snowclaw and he says he need food his clan is starving?
 you attack him
 you catch food for him
 chase him out
 kill him
 say your sorry but you can not hunt here
 tell your leader

9.  Thornfur comes and asks what is going on?
 you lie
 you tell the truth
 you ask to go hunting with him
 none of your mouse!
 say lets not talk about it
 you think here comes my secrete love!!!!

10.  you see snowclaw at the gathering and he says....
 thanks for the food
 visit me at the old fox den! !please!!!!!!!
 why did you chase me out

11.  at the gathering the leader yowls we did not steal any food
 you keep quiet
 you yowl lier
 you love snowclaw and don't say anything
 none of your mouse!
 go to starclan
 be quiet | Copyright 2006-2008