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Quiz By : specialblonde1

"Grim's Diner" Trivia

1.  What was the story of "Grim's Diner" in the fictional town of Saffron, FL?
 Cannibals used human meat for the burgers
 A child died of food poisoning
 A madman massacred the whole resturaunt
 The owner was a former member of a mob
 The diner was built over a cemetary
 None of the above

2.  What is the name of the street that the diner was located on?
 Silver Crest
 Happy Hallows

3.  In 1979, what was Sam Tarkin eating when she was murdered?
 Barbecue sandwich
 A grilled cheese with a side of pickle
 Potato salad
 Burger and fries
 Ice cream sundae

4.  Who was killed before they could even order?
 Holly Smith
 James Redd
 Irvin Maulde
 Cathy Spokes

5.  Who went insane after the "diner incident"?
 Jodi Bing
 Lee MaRule
 Dustin Dagger
 Helena Oak
 Adam Stronglim

6.  Who was the toddler that was locked in the freezer and died an hour later?
 Sam Tarkin
 Lilly Lamb
 Carly Crenshaw
 Bobby Denk

7.  Name one food item that was NOT on the menu?
 Barbecue sandwich
 Grilled cheese
 Rootbeer float
 Chili dog

8.  When was the "Diner Incident" case reopened?
 October 23, 1994
 December 1, 2002
 April 4, 1986

9.  Who claimed, "I never finished my meal.."
 The ghost of Sam Tarkin
 The ghost of James Redd
 Carly Crenshaw's son, a survivor named Eric
 David Carr

10.  When was the diner demolished?
 1990 | Copyright 2006-2008