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What Warrior Cat are you?

1.  If you say two kits fighting and one got really hurt what would you do?
 Run over there and help them.
 Walk over there and tell them not to fight.
 Go over there and watch the medicine cat.
 Do nothing but scorn their mom.

2.  If you saw that your clan was fighting a rogue pack while a hunting trip what would you do?
 Run over there and help the hurt ones.
 Run away to the camp and get reinforcements.
 run to them and help.
 hide behind a rock and watch scared.
 go back to camp get herbs and come back and help the hurt.
 Run to the camp run back and start beating them up

3.  If a Female KP comes into ur territory what would you do?
 Say "What are you DOING in our territory?!?!"
 Run away cause scared.
 Go over there and lead them out.
 See if they are hurt from the thorns... etc. etc.
 Fight them for a little then scare them away. | Copyright 2006-2008