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What Animal Are You???

1.  What would you do if you say someone hurt?
 Run over there and Help them
 Let them stay hurt
 Dont care
 Go over there and say "Hey" then walk away
 Go over there and be really nice.

2.  What would you do if someone hurt YOUR feelings?
 Punch them in the face
 Kick them
 Walk away
 Tell them "KNOCK IT OFF!!!"
 Just Tell them "Stop."

3.  If you had a choice to pick 1 gun what would it be?
 Flame Thrower
 Missle Launcher

4.  If you were to choose a Ice Cream flavor what would it be if these were the only ones?

5.  If you had the choice to kill someone who would it be?
 Sister or Brother
 Sisters Boyfriend or Brothers Girlfriend
 Someone in Particular..... | Copyright 2006-2008