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Quiz By : hungergamesgeek123

Which Hunger Games Guy is Best for You?

1.  How many "Hunger Games" books have you read?
 ALL OF THEM!!!! Also reread it a million times!
 All of 'em
 Huh? Oh...almost done with "The Mockingjay"
 I'm waiting for a copy of "The Mockingjay"
 Ugh...I can't WAIT!!! I'm still reading "Catching Fire", so don't spoil anything!
 First book, totally dumb!

2.  Who's your favorite girl character?
 Morphling 1

3.  ROLE PLAY!!!! First off, you've gotten picked to be in the Hunger Games! Which station would you head to for in training?
 Tying and untying knots
 I dunno...daggers?

4.  Which district would you be in most likely? (I won't include 13, and if these six are neither, the other six are on the next question.)
 1: Luxury items
 2: Masonry and Weaponry
 3: Electronics
 4: Fishing
 5: Power
 6: Transportation

5.  Districts and their industries: (continued)
 7: Lumber
 8: Textiles
 9: Grain
 10: Livestock
 11: Agriculture
 12: Coal Mining

6.  R.P.; The gong sounds! You are in the middle of a desert; the Golden Cornucopia is shining before you, and you spot YOUR weapon, what do you do?
 DON'T GO FOR THE WEAPON! Grab any backpack and RUN to avoid the bloodbath!
 That weapon is MINE. Oh, look! That brute over there is eyeing it too! I'll get him!
 Agree with #1
 That is my weapon! I'm takin' it!
 Grab my weapon and KILL everyone in sight!
 I dunno...I could steal the weapon later...

7.  What's your favorite color?

8.  Who's better; Effie, Cinna, Portia, Venia, Plutarch, or Coin?

9.  BYE!
 (BURP) Huh?
 A gracious day to you (Aw...such good manners! :)
 Bye? | Copyright 2006-2008