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Quiz By : kra-z

life as a warrior cat

1.  stage 1 : kit! what is your favorite clan?
 i am born to riverclan.
 i am born to shadowclan.
 i am born to windclan.
 i am born to thunderclan.

2.  stage 1 : kit When blood clan attaks,they take the other don't know what to do. so you decide...
 to tell the leader so she can send an attak party.
 tell my mother. then she'll take care of those filthy bloodclan cats!
 go ask them sweetly to give my friends back.

3.  stage 1 : kit when you and grasskit are playing near a source of water, you suddenly trip and fall into the water! what did you do?
 i called for help. grasskit was sure to get some!
 try and swim to shore well that grasskit NEARLY PEED!
 i would probably swim to the closest little rock.
 stay calm and tread water until help comes.

4.  stage 2 : apprentice At battle training one crisp morning, your mentor told you to pounce on te enemy from behind, and some rogues come along. you...
 try my best moves on them!
 do my pounce the exact way my mentor showed me.
 try to aim for the eyes!

5.  stage 1 : apprentice who is your mentor?

6.  stage 3: warrior you are on a hunting patrol and you have caught...
 as much needed only.
 lotslotslots and more lots
 what the clan can eat.
 eough for the starving elders.

7.  stage 3 : warrior you are in a battle ...
 i toe at his ear and knocked him hard!
  sent him screaming off. that'll teach him not to mess with my clan!
 attak like the rest of the warriors.
  defend the nursery with the queens.

8.  stage 4: the final stage. you have grown through all of the stages in takes to become a warrior.
 i'm outta here!
 may i see my results please?
 i'll miss you! | Copyright 2006-2008