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Quiz By : kra-z

what atlantis merperson are you?

1.  what do you eat?
 seaweed burritos
 vegitarian sushi

2.  what pet?

3.  what sibling?
 a sister marina
 a brother ocean

4.  what house?
 3341 seashell ave.
 7682 dorsal st.

5.  which hair?
 long, pretty blonde hair
 short, shaggy orange hair

6.  what tail and eye color?
 green tail brown eyes
 blue tail hazel eyes

7.  what color shell bikini top ?
 no bikini top

8.  what garden?
  coral reef #282
 coral reef# 907

9.  what kind of car?

10.  what best freind in the wild?
 mako | Copyright 2006-2008