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Quiz By : kra-z


1.  what are the chippettes names?
 brittany, jeanette, eleanor
 jessica, lydia, rochelle
 brittany, rochelle, leanette

2.  what are the chipmunks names?
 derek, randy, harry
 alvin,theo, frank
 alvin, simon, theodore

3.  what is the pelican guys name?

4.  whats simons name after the spider bite?
 simon still

5.  who is that girl?

6.  what dangerous thing is on the island?

7.  who is the captain?
 captian hook
 captain korelli

8.  who is the guy?
 donavan or don
 dinky or d
 david or dave

9.  who saved them?
 a helicopter
 a plane
 the cruise ship

10.  who did the balls capture?
 what balls? um... they captured zoe! | Copyright 2006-2008