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Firestar's Life

1.  What was Firestars kp name?
 He wasn't a kittypet!

2.  Who was the 1st person he met when he first came to the forest

3.  Did Rusty make it into the clan?
 Well yes but he was teased allot for being a kp
 I don't think so...

4.  Why did Bluestar give Rusty the new name of Firepaw?
 Because a fire went off when he joined.
 Because his pelt was as red as fire
 Cause in her head she was singing Burn Baby Burn
 Because she wanted to...
 Because there was NO other name for him
 Because Lionheart told her to name him that.

5.  Who was Firepaw's 1st mentor?
 Nobody really...

6.  Who was Firepaw's 2nd mentor???
 Bluestar choose the one below
 Bluestar below this one!
 Bluestar!!!!!!!!!! Not this one.
 Bluestar DUH Maybe this one!read the next one!
 Bluestar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its the one on top of this one!

7.  Who was Firepaw's BEST friends?
 Sandpaw & Dustpaw
 Graypaw & Tigerclaw
 The elders
 Graypaw & Ravenpaw
 Nobody everyone teased him!

8.  When firepaw was named a warrior what was his warrior name?

9.  What best friend told Firepaw to beware of tigerclaw because he killed who? ( P.S. It's a two answer pick the one who told him then the cat who tigerclaw killed. )
 Ravenpaw : Barley
 Graystripe : Redtail
 Ravenpaw : Redtail
 Don't Know.

10.  Well you got Fireheart's backstory now lets get more ahead! ok question 10. What was his best friends new warrior name?
 Graypool ( do not choose this one )
 Ravenkoolkid ( NOT THIS ONE )

11.  Ok back to back-story of him. question 11. Who was FirePAWS First LOVE?
 Goldenflower .
 He didnt have a first love.

12.  Ok back to FireHEART! The first time Fireheart told Bluestar the truth about Tigerclaw what was her reaction?
 " I can't believe you Fireheart! Why would you say such horrible things? "
 " Wow I never noticed that! "
 " What the! "
 " He wouldn't... Or maybe he would.. "
 " I have no words... "
 She didn't say anything cause she was in shock.

13.  Who was Fireheart's second love?
 Leafpool ( not this )
 Nobody he gave up after his first love died.

14.  What color has Rusty-Firepaw-Fireheart-Firestar?
 Dark Brown
 Light Brown

15.  After Bluestar finally figured out that Tigerclaw actually killed Redtail and exiled him who became the new dept?

16.  Well we are getting to a end of this quiz... Well we are at FireSTAR now! YAY!!! Well Question! Who were Firestar and Sandstorms kits?
 They didn't have any kits!
 Mistyfoot and Stonefur
 Leafpool and Squirrelflight
 Tawnypelt and Brambleclaw
 Tigerclaw and Longtail
 Like Answer 1! they didnt have any!

17.  Who was Firestars first deputy?

18.  Who was Firestars second dept?

19.  Who was Firestars 3rd dept?

20.  ok last question!!! Hardest yet!!! Well to me xD ok! question is. Leafpool became a medicine cat. She and Crowfeather fell in love with each other and stuff. She had kits and stuff you know? ok. So the question is. Who took care of leafpools kits?
 Sandstorm. Cause she is her mom duh!
 Squirrelflight. Why would she take care of them?!
 Tawnypelt. Well she can't be it shes in ShadowClan!
 Feathertail. Well she is done for... cause she is in StarClan.
 Crowfeather. Well that IS her mate really why wouldn't he take care of them?!
 Firestar. Well that is her father isn't he?! | Copyright 2006-2008