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Firestar's Quest questions

1.  Whos quest was it?
 I didn't read the title...
 Like I care!

2.  Who became a warrior in the beginning of the book?

3.  Who said... " I NEED TO SEE RUSTY---Firestar RIGHT NOW!!! "

4.  Why did Smudge need to see Firestar SOOOOO bad?
 Because he needed advise for flirting
 cause he wanted to just make trouble
 because he wanted to tell firestars future
 because he had a dream about cats that was blury
 because he wanted to tell him a new cat was in his new home
 because he wanted to ask him if he wanted to become a kp again

5.  When Firestar went over to Smudge's house who did he meet in his old kittypet house?
 a cat
 Like I care!

6.  When Firestar went to sleep in smudge's back-yard and woke up who greeted him?
 bluestar. OH YA!!
 whitestorm. woot woot!
 scourge. dun dun dun.......
 smudge. well duh its his back-yard!
 The SkyClan Leader.
 Tigerstar. OMG NOT HIM AGAIN!

7.  When Firestar returned to ThunderClan who screamed at him because He/She thought HE was going to become a KP again?

8.  Who came WITH Firestar on his quest?

9.  What was Firestar's quest that the SkyClan leader gave him?
 To find nemo in the RiverClan river.
 To find bluestar's grave.
 To Re-make SkyClan.
 To learn kung-fu.
 to learn the force and meet Luke Skywalker.
 To find dragons and bring them back to thunderclan for show and tell.

10.  While Firestar and Sandstorm were in the middle of their journey... What happened?
 They got eaten THE END!
 The found Obi-wan Kanobi.
 A big storm came up and Sandstorm was blown away by a HUGE wave.
 The book ended.
 The found a dragon then they brought it back to the clan for show & tell.
 Firestar gave up and went back home.

11.  When Firestar lost Sandstorm... What happened?
 He went back and looked for her.
 He cried and cried and cried.
 He killed himself
 Scourge came...
 Graystripe found him and sang... OH waffle jam, waffle jam, would you like some waffle of mine?
 Firestar turned away and ate a tree.

12.  How did Firestar find Sandstorm?
 She was dead in the middle of a thunderpath.
 A GIRL kittypet was beating up firestar so sandstorm jumped onto her and beat the crap out of her,
 She was trying to find firestar and they ran into each other.
 Firestar took out his phone and called her.

13.  When they found a cave at the end of the river what did they do?
 They screamed cause they thought bats were in there.
 They turned around and went away.
 They went in and looked in all the cave tunnels.
 They played hide-and-seek in the cave.

14.  When Firestar and Sandstorm had stayed in the cave for awhile and Firestar came out what happened????
 Sandstorm came out with him and screamed when she didn't recognize the place.
 Two cats were throwing rocks and thought that he was a different cat.
 He went hunting.
 He was so bored he went for a swim.

15.  After awhile he saw the two cats ran away what type of color were they?
 Tortoisse shell & Dark Red
 Tortoisse shell & Dark Brown
 Black & White

16.  After awhile He and Sandstorm went out to make a plan for when the two cats came again.. What was their plan?
 Sandstorm would chase after them to a thorn bush and make them get hurt so that they would have to rest.
 Firestar would be in a tree and while Sandstorm ran into the tall grass then firestar would jump down and scare them.
 Firestar would call Obi-wan Kanobi so that he would scare them.
 Sandstorm and Firestar would creep up on them.

17.  What was the names of the 2 cats that threw rocks at firestar?
 Cherri & Pebble
 Boris & Garlfield
 Felix & Fluffy
 Boris & Cherri
 Coal & Jack
 Rusty & Smudge

18.  What did the 2 cats tell Firestar that he didn't know?
 That when they threw the rocks that they thought that the Firestar was a cat named moony and their names.
 That they know the force.
 That they were excellent hunters.
 That they were kittypets

19.  When Cherri and Boris told Firestar everything and they were going away what happened that made Firestar stunned?
 Cherri started singing 'Misery' by : Adam Levine
 Cherri jumped really high over a tree branch.
 Boris and Cherri started doing the Thriller dance.
 Cherri kissed Firestar on the cheek.
 Boris kissed Sandstorm.

20.  What was SkyClan's talent???????????????????????????_? ?_? ?_? ?_? ?_? ?_? ?_? ?_?
 They could jump really high.
 They were excellent fighters.
 They could stalk easily.
 They are WEIRD things.
 They loved trees.
 Like I know THIS answer!!!

21.  On the full moon what did Firestar and Sandstorm do?
 They went on top of the cave and looked at the stars.
 They found moony and talked to him.
 they were wondering how their clan was going.
 They both slept in a different cave.
 They started fishing.

22.  What did Moony tell them?
 That his real name was Sky and that his mom's mom was part of SkyClan.
 That Cherri & Boris are SO annoying.
 That he likes fish.
 That his Dad's dad was in SkyClan.
 He loves to do thriller moves.

23.  After a while... Sandstorm and Firestar were just walking what did they hear???
 A Fox behind them.
 A She-cat hisses at a fox because she was gaurding her kits.
 A dog pack running up to them.
 A two-leg yelling at them.
 A baby two-leg having the hiccups behind them.

24.  While they were fighting the fox who came out of no where?
 A Two-leg shooting the fox.
 A dark ginger tom.
 The girl kp that attacked them earlier in the book.
 A dog.
 A gun.

25.  After the fox ran away. What were the two cats names?
 Cherry and Boris.
 Scratch and Clover.
 Rainfur and Clover.
 Bonnie and Scratch
 Petal and Scratch
 Echo and Rainfur

26.  OK. Lets go WAAAAAAAAAAY ahead in the book OK? OK. What was ALL the cats names in the clan besides Skywatcher.
 Rainfur, Clovertail, Cherrytail, Leafpool, Sharpclaw, Patchfoot, Shortwhisker, Petalnose, Echosong, Sparrowpelt, Rockkit, Sagekit, Mintkit, Bouncekit, Tinykit.
 Leafdapple, Sharpclaw, Patchfoot, Shortwhisker, Rainfur, Clovertail, Petalnose, Echosong, Sparrowpelt, Cherrytail, Rockkit, Mintkit, Sagekit, Bouncekit, Tinykit.
 Oakheart, Skywatcher, Mintkit, Sagekit, Sharpclaw.
 Leafdapple, Skywatcher, Leafstar, Sharpfoot, Mintpaw.
 Dragonwind, Runningpelt, Sparrowpelt, Runningpelt, Rainfur, Goldenflower.

27.  OK. Last Question!... OK here it is. Who became the SkyClan leader?
 Skywatcher. | Copyright 2006-2008