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Quiz By : simbasgirl01

HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW OF THE 1st BOOK OF warrior cats????

1.  Okay, so... Whenever we meet the main character,Rusty, what is his friend's name???
 UMMMMMMMM......... IDK.........

2.  After Rusty has ventured into the woods, and met Graypaw, which two cats did Rusty meet next??
 playing kits....

3.  After Bluestar offered Rusty the option to join the ThunderClan and told him he had until morning, what was his answer??????
 Do I HAVE to???
 Who are you again?
 May I sleep on this??

4.  We are going to skip ahead into the book. Rusty's name is now Firepaw, Graypaw & Ravenpaw are now his BFFs... Who killed Redtail? :O!
 Tigerclaw. o_o
 Oakheart. O_o
 Bluestar. o_O
 He didn't die, he fainted. O_O
 Nobody killed him, it was his TIME. -_-
 He got ran over on the THUNDERPATH..

5.  Who is/was Tigerclaw's apprentice?

6.  We are going to skip REALLY far into the book now... Bluestar, Firepaw, Ravenpaw, Graypaw, and Tigerclaw are getting attacked by RATS, Bluestar lost a life, how many lives did she lose, and how many does she have left?
 She had lost 2, she now has 7.
 She had lost 5, she now has 4.
 She had lost 7, she now has 2.
 It was her 1st life she had lost, she now has 8.
 She had lost 8, she now has 1.

7.  Whenever Bluestar and her, I should say, "gang", got to the Moonstone, who went in with her into the cave?
 Tigerclaw, Ravenpaw, and Graypaw.
 Firepaw, Tigerclaw, Graypaw.
 Only Tigerclaw.
 Only Firepaw.
 Only Ravenpaw.
 Tigerclaw and Firepaw.

8.  Whenever Bluestar, Firepaw, and Tigerclaw went in to see the Moonstone, who ran away because he/she got too afraid?
 Both Tigerclaw and Firepaw
 All of them
 None of them

9.  Legend says that whenever the leader of a clan is troubled and wants answers, they go to the MOONSTONE. Then......
 The leader grabs a piece of the stone and eats it.
 The leader lays down on the MOONSTONE with his/her nose on the ground to have a vision.
 The leader licks the stone for a "vision"....
 The leader MEOWS to call upon Starclan.
 StarClan former warriors come to take away his/her life.
 A StarClan Elder comes to posess the leader to deal with the problem him/herself.

10.  LAST QUESTION! OMEGOODNESS!!! If you don't get this question, you MUST DIE.. OKAY... What name does Firepaw get when he does a heroic act for his clan????
 Anikan Skywalker.
 Jesus Christ... OH YEAH!!!!! | Copyright 2006-2008