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Quiz By : Theshipdeck

How much do u know about Warrior Cats?

1.  Who was Greystripes mother?

2.  Who was Rainwhiskers half-brother?

3.  Who was Sootfurs half cousin in Riverclan?
 Hawkfrost & Mothwing

4.  What Riverclan cat falls into the gourge in 'fire and ice' ?

5.  Other than Yellowfang, who died in the fire in the forest camp?

6.  In 'The last Hope's who kills Firestar?

7.  Who was the second leader of Riverclan?

8.  Who was Riverclans fifth deputy?

9.  Who was Riverclans first medicine cat?

10.  Who of the following IS halfclan?

11.  Which IS NOT halfclan?

12.  Who was Berrynose's mate?

13.  Who was Fuzzypelt's mate?

14.  Who was Redtails mate?
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