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Quiz By : Theshipdeck

What is your warrior cqt bio?

1.  What is most important to you?
 My clan
 Territory and battle victory
 The warrior code
 Starclwns will, my clan and the safety of my clwnmates
 Health in the clan

2.  What are you best at?
 spying and killing
 fighting and protecting
 healing or herbs... and complaining

3.  What is your favorite color???

4.  Do you have a mate?
 nobody is good enough
 if i have time
 it would break th code!!!
 only after i become leader
 i dont brewk the code

5.  What isnyour favorite landscape?
 burnt muddy dark... dead
 the rich forests
 the riverbed
 the rolling hills

6.  Do you want kits one day???
 ew kits no
 if they can swim
 it would get in the way of my role as leader
 it would brewk the warrior code | Copyright 2006-2008