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Quiz By : pinkgirl

are you hot or fat

1.  do you wear lipgloss or makeup ?
 dose cake iceing count ?
 yes of corse dosent everyone?
 NO only dummys do

2.  do you have fat bits?
 yes sorta maybe
 only in the right spots

3.  do you have good marks at school ?
 in eating i get an a+
 no way
 only a+

4.  what is your hobby

5.  do you have a boyfriend
 a hanburger
 yes i love him
 whats a boy

6.  do you get discounts and spesh treatment
 at food stores
 all the time i get free stuff

7.  are you or have you ever been fat chubby or overwieght
 all my life
 no mabey when i was developing
 no | Copyright 2006-2008