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Quiz By : fatgirl

r u fat ore skinny

1.  do you eat cake and choclate and lollys all day long
 what do you think i am crasy i only eat carrot

2.  what happens whaen you let your belly out
 pop pop pop no more buttens
 they have already fallen down my legs to skinny

3.  do you drink coke
 i drink only water
 no i hate it

4.  ok what happens at christmas time with food
 ummm i have my own food i have to diet then after i order 16 large pizzas
  i am so upsete with myself i ate 3 carrots
 nothing i eat like normal

5.  ok will you follow my iders
 not if i have to diet
 not if my dieting hase to stop
 maybe | Copyright 2006-2008