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Quiz By : BlueWyandotte6

What is your Club Name?

1.  What rank did your club choose for you?
 Healer's apprentice
 Leader's apprentice, when my leader steps down, I'll be leader.
 Regular clubmate
 The next leader's apprentice

2.  What is your favorite element in nature?

3.  Out of these six, which describes you most?
 Caring and Amusing
 Eager and inquisitive
 Powerful and Intelligent
 Sharp-tongued and smart
 Hard-working and distant
 Commanding and Respectful

4.  What is your hair color?
 Cherry Red
 Medium Brown
 Copper Blonde
 Jet Black
 Dirty Blonde

5.  What is your eye color?
 True Sapphire

6.  What is your pet of choice?
 Guinea Pig

7.  Have you started a club and are looking for a name, or are you just taking this quiz for fun?
 I'm taking it for fun
 Well, I think I might start a club...
 I'm in a club!
 Same here!
 I don't know why I'm taking this quiz...
 I don't have a club

8.  Have you read the series "Warriors"? If so, pick a warrior name, if not, well, pick your favorite name.

9.  Second to last question, do you enjoy sports?
 Not so much...
 Sure, I like sports

10.  Last question: Do you think that you'll use the name you get?
 No, I'm not starting a club
 It depends...
 Yes, I will
 That's why I'm taking the dang quiz, person!
 Y-yeah, m-maybe
 Sure I will | Copyright 2006-2008