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Quiz By : PoultryBowl1

What Type of Poultry Should You Get?

1.  What size bird do you prefer?
 I don't care

2.  Do you want your bird to fly?
 A little

3.  Do you care if your bird makes noise?
 If they isn't very loud
 I wouldn't mind

4.  Do you own a lot of land?
 In between
 Kind of

5.  Would you get males and females to make more babies or get new birds every year?
 Get males and females to breed
 Get new birds every year
 To get good birds, I would buy new ones every year
 I would breed them for babies

6.  Why would you get poultry?

7.  How much time would you spend with your birds?
 An hour
 Forty-five minutes
 As much as possible
 Half an hour

8.  What would you want to learn before you get poultry?
 What's the history of the breed your getting
 What to feed them
 How to hold them
 How much room you'll need | Copyright 2006-2008