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Quiz By : chicken_freak_9

What Chicken Breed Should You Get?

1.  What is your favorite color?

2.  What is your favorite kind of poultry?
 Chickens, duh!

3.  Do you like Bantam Chickens, Big Chickens, or Regular-sized chickens?

4.  Which class of chicken do you like most?

5.  Before you took this quiz, did you know any chicken breeds?
 Yes, some
 Not many
 I didn't know any
 Yes, a LOT
 A couple breeds, I guess

6.  Have you ever been involved in activities involving chickens?
 Yes, I have
 No, not necessarily
 None, and I wouldn't want to!
 Yes, and I love it!
 Of course I have!

7.  Were you interested in chickens before you took this quiz?
 Yes, I was
 Mm hmm...

8.  Do you like the weird chicken breeds, for example, Sultans, Frizzles, Silkies, Naked Necks...etc.?
 No, not really
 Sure, I guess
 I don't like them a lot, but it's not like I'd hold a boycott against them.
 I guess I like them, but not especially.

9.  Do you own any chickens?
 I wouldn't!
 I don't have any right now, but I'm getting some!
 No, but I wish I did!
 Yes, I do

10.  If so, how many?
 More than that!

11.  Last question, do you like this quiz?
 Yeah! Way to go!
 I give it a 50/50
 I liked it
 Good questions

12.  Last question: Do you want me to make another quiz like this one?
 No, thanks anyway
 Go right ahead, I'm with yah!

13.  Good bye!
 See you!
 Thanks for the quiz!
 Bye bye!
 I'm your addict, all the way!
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