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Quiz By : zelda0218

What warrior cat are you (i made them up)

1.  Are you a she-cat or a tom?
 She Cat

2.  do you have a mate?
 No way! Love equals kits, kits equal... BEING DISTRACTED FROM KEEPING THE CLAN SAFE
 I'm only a apprentice!
 Of course! 2 in fact! **sighs**

3.  What type of mate would you like anyway?
 The fierce, brave and smart kind cors'
 Hmmm....The most good-looking and kind!
 A tom with the most handsome face, the sparkliest eyes, the type that would protect me...

4.  (This quiz is short -this is the second last question) You see a cat limping what do you do?
 suck it up princess, put up wih t'!
 Take it to a medicine cat!!
 Oh Great Starclan! Are you alright what happened?!

5.  What do you do when someone tells you to do something you dont want to?
 Growl and tell them I aint wanna bossy paw!
 Whimper and look questionilgy to see if I realllly havoo do it
 Whatever I'll do it | Copyright 2006-2008