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Quiz By : butterflytree

What Warrior Cat are you?

1.  You are visited in a dream by a cat you do not know who asks you to kill your leader and rule the forest.
 Say no and that you are loyal and you would never do that.
 Say yes after all by life is boring being leader wouldnt be so bad.
 Say that you would like to but couldnt be bothered
 Say no and dont ever come into my dream again.
 Say why would you be so creul?.
 Say ill think about it and tell you my answer next time you see him/her.

2.  Your an apprentice and have the day off.What do you do?
 help the medicine cat out after all i dont want to be a warrior i want to be a medicine cat!
 When no ones looking run out have camp and meet up with the cat you really love from another clan
 Go hunting for your clan
 Practice some battle moves with your friends
 Go looking for mistivce
 Clean out the elders den and the queens

3.  If you and your clans camp was destoryed be fire and you had to stay with another clan for the time being which clan would you stay with?
 No,Clan thanks
 I'd rather die in the fire then me and my clan staying with another clan.

4.  If Starclan let you pick what would you want to be?
 Medicine cat

5.  what are you most good at?
 fighting and hunting
 nothing im hopless

6.  who do you want to be?

7.  What would your friends describe you?

8.  how often do you follow the warrior code?
 I really try! But....
 Never waste of time really
 I let my heart lead me
 It's very hard to convince me not to.
 Why would i?

9.  your clan leader asks to spy on another clan what do you do?
 say ok and barely cross the border
 strictly obey
 do it because you want to
 do it but ask why
 no no no what do i care

10.  what sort of cat do you want as your mate
 a trusting and loyal she cat/tom
 a fast and powerful she cat/tom
  a handsome beautiful she cat/tom
 a ferocious and clever she cat/tom
 a good hunter
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