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Quiz By : zelda0218

What type of Warrior Cat are you?

1.  First, your favourite colour is...
 Black, red, dark brown those type o colors
 light blue, white, pink, purple, all soft calm colours
 Grey, red, and rough colours

2.  Okay ur a warrior now! A 2 rouges grabs your mate and tug on them at each end, you...
 WHAT? I dont have a mate! I'm a medicine cat!
 Rip them to SHREDS how dare they!
 Ask them politely

3.  A human comes over and picks up your kit(s) you....
 rub against them and purr hoping to distract them.
 I DONT HAVE KITS! Im a medicine cat! How many tomes do i need to tell u?!
 Nip at its ankles! then climb up the 2leg and screech in its ear!

4.  What do you usually hunt?
 voles and small birds
 Largest things i can find | Copyright 2006-2008