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Quiz By : SuperDetroitGoalie

What the HP and Crew think of you + Sorting hat (GIRLZ ONLY)

1.  Sorry but, going to have to answer this one... Ur favorite color ( Don't hurt me!)
 Pink... Pink, Pink, Pink!
 Any Color!/Rainbow!

2.  What kind of music do you listen to?
 Rock/ 80's
 Country Pop (ex. Taylor Swift)
 Classical (Me: Ugh!)

3.  Pick one!
 Sassy with a hint of Sweet.
 Sweet (Me: Awww... Your so cute!)
 Sweet with a bit of Sassy
 IDK?..... Salty

4.  RQ Time! : So what would you do if you found out you HAD *Gagging* to MARRY Draco!
 I Scream, and LOVE every min.!
 Runaway never to be seen again
 Join the Order then you fight him!!!
 Have fun with him. Go exploring!

5.  When would you Kiss a werewolf? (RP Time isn't over yet, but I will let you know when it is!)
 Um.... Sure, I will! (most likely die!)
 Zig Zag! 'bout you do it instead!

6.  How do u respond to THIS backwards?
 Ummm... Cheese!

7.  Alright end of RQ time (RP) Soo watcha think?!
 Really those we stupid Q's
 DDB! Drop Dead Beautiful!
 You sicko...
 Loved them they really gave it more fun!
 Zut! ( French for darn )

8.  Alright GTG! Au Revior! ( French for Bye!)
 Thank goodness! (Hey!)
 Sucker.... hahaha!
 Aww.. I like your quizzes | Copyright 2006-2008