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Quiz By : zelda0218


1.  Are Eragon and Murtagh true brothers?
 yes they are true brothers
 Murtagh? who's that
 Eragon? who that

2.  Thorn is who's dragon?
 who is Thorn?

3.  Roran is Eragon's what?

4.  Who's Eragon's father?
 he doesn't have a fater dur!

5.  Who is Arya's Mother?
 the queen of Ellesmera of course!
 Aryan! dur!

6.  Who is Roran's wife?
 Katrina! Dur!

7.  Who trained Eragon in Ellesmera? NOTE: not Arya!

8.  What is the World named. NOTE: the one that Eragon, Roran, arya and everyone are in! HINT: Palancar valley is in this country!

9.  What was the sword that Murtagh took from Eragon called?

10.  What is the name of Eragon's new sword made in Ellesmera, made from the steel of the meona tree?

11.  Who was Nasuada's father?
 Eragon dur!

12.  Brom was a what?
 normal boring Human
 Dragon Rider

13.  Saphira's teacher in Ellesmera was who? Last question!
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