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Quiz By : zelda0218

What would your Warrior cat name be? Zeldacreated

1.  How do others describe you?
 kind and caring
 clumsy but sweet
 terrified but strong
 instinct driven and always on alert mode
 smart and loyal

2.  What is your favourite colour?

3.  What do you do in your spare time?
 get into arguments
 destroy stuff!

4.  Who's orders do you follow?
 do as someone says? people/cats actually do that OMG!
 my leader...whoever that it Lamestar.. no no its Famestar no i mean..
 Anyone who tells me what to do!
 my Mate's!
 My Mother's!
 Starclan too!

5.  Who do you love?
 my mate mainly
 Mate and kits that right..??
 my Mates | Copyright 2006-2008