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Quiz By : zelda0218

What animal are you?including Mythical ones! Zeldacreated

1.  What are you good at?
 being scary! hahaha!!!
 being neat and staying pretty! xD
 being...LOUD! WOOOF!
 Jumping onto high places! now how to get o the roof...
 Running fast!
 I'm good at being freaky! moo-oo-OO-moo-moe

2.  what is your favourite element?
 Fire! or though I don't like seeing it though... AAAAA! FIRE!!!
 Air! nice and peaceful..EXCEPT CYCLONES AAA! FLY FLY GOTTA FLY!!
 All of them except Water.. I HATE WATER! "no-no do-dont wash me no NO!"
 Nature! Because I can eat it uh-huh!

3.  How do others describe you? by the way I keep making mistakes! so theres your entertainment!

4.  What do you like to eat?
 carrots! apples! bananas!
 fish! my diet!

5.  what do you like to do?
 destroy things
 keep things neat
 rip things up!
 play chasey!
 jump over things
 mow the lawn! | Copyright 2006-2008