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Quiz By : zelda0218

Warrior cat quiz Dark Clan

1.  Who are your parents? note: Airpaw's parents are actually FoggyMorning and Moonrise. I've made a few mistakes sorry! So sorry! xO
 Brambleclaw and Billowing Smoke!
 Brambleclaw and Billowing Smoke!
 TreeStar and Gingertail
 Foggy Morning and Moonrise
 BirdWing and Dying Crow!
 a single parent...Moonrise

2.  Who's your mentor?
 Dying Crow
 Foggy Morning
 The medicine cat! Gravel Herb

3.  Who are your sisters and brothers? Do even have any?
 yuppo! Jetpaw, ForestLake, Purekit and Wolfkit!
 defiantly Sunpaw, ForestLake, Purekit and Wolfkit!
 I wish I did actually...
 no, I don't...
 oh yes! Bambookit!

4.  What do you like to do?
 fight! I wanna become a warrior!!! raar!
 Hunt with my Father Brambleclaw and my older sister ForestLake
 Roll in the dirt or-or even mud! yeah!
 climb trees!
 Help sort out the herbs with Gravel Herb!

5.  Whats your favourite element?
 FIRE! or though I don't like seeing it though... AAAAA! FIRE!!!
 Darkness! Shadows! The colour of my fur should be everywhere!
 Ground! MUD DIRT! Ohh yeah!
 Air of course! like my name! its so calm..mmm..
 Nature! I like helping cats! Nature is herbs you know!
 All of them! except poisen.. **shiver** | Copyright 2006-2008