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Quiz By : esnna

sven minutes in heaven with vampires

1.  What do you pull out of the bag?
 Gold necklace
 Bottle of blood
 a teddy bear

2.  Whats your favorite color? Hide behind Emmett and Carlisle.
 White Like vampire skin ( me: freak You: throws vase but emmet catches it throws it back at you)
 Blood red( Me: yumm carlisle hands me glass of blood
 Blue ( me: Kisses carlisle You: carlisles mine Carlisle: no I am hers Me : Smile and he kisses me
 brown like emmets hair

3.  which cullen do you like
 Edward{Edward great another fangirl}
 Carlisle{ Never gonna happen}
 Jasper{me: jasper runn!!!)
 Emmet | Copyright 2006-2008