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Quiz By : bubble

Find out your Warrior name and Clan

1.  You are out hunting when you smell strange scent. What do you do?
 Figure out where it came from
 Tell your leader right away
 Run and find help
 Stay calm and creep slowly along.

2.  Your best friend is about to have kits, and you are in the middle of the forest. What do you do?
 Tell her to stay here and have them.
 Run back and get help as fast as you can.
 Make a nest of grass for her to lay on and give birth.
 Abandon her.

3.  What is your favorite pelt color?
 Ginger (orange)
 Grayish blue
 Gray/light gray

4.  Your Mother/Father just died. What do you do?
 Kill yourself
 Be upset over it then move on
 Don't care
 Run away for a while and pretend it never happened.

5.  You wake up one day and all you see is white. You learn that it is snow. You are thinking....
 Stay calm... I'll dig myself out...
 Oh well... * goes back to sleep*
 Oh! The elders! The kits and queens! Is everyone OK?

6.  What color are your eyes? *Note: if one of these isn't your eye color, choose your favorite color out of the options.

7.  Your best friend tells you they want to leave the Clan. What do you do?
 Accept the fact that they are not happy in the Clan.
 Try to get them to stay.
 Be sad about it forever.
 See ya!

8.  What describes you best?
 Wily and proud
 Swift and loyal
 Clever and strong
 Brave and firce

9.  When you were a kit, a hawk took your littermate. Now as a warrior, you see the extact same hawk, on the ground eating a rabbit. What do you do?
 Run away!
 Kill it for revenge.
 Scare it off but don't kill it
 Rip it to shreds violently!!! >:)

10.  If you had a chance to talk to any cat that is dead, who would you choose?

11.  Which would you eat?

12.  You are deputy. The leader of the Clan died, and it's your resposibility to pick the new deputy. You chose...
 A brave and nobile warrior.
 A strong, good-looking warrior.
 A young, ambitious warrior.
 An older, wiser warrior

13.  Do you want a mate?
 Maybe someday...
 I don't know yet.

14.  What is your favorite season?

15.  You got up early today and was on patrol all morning, listening to the Clan that borders you complain. Then, you went out to train your apprentice who kept whining about an ache in her leg. Then, you went on hunting patrol and scared off two birds and a mouse. Then the medicine cat asked you to fetch more horsetail, and that grows all the way across the territory. Then the leader asks if you can stay on guard all night long. You tell your leader...
 Please, can someone else do it? I've had a rough day.
 No way! I've had a rougher day today then you've ever had! Do it yourself!
 I would, but I'm soooooo tired.
 Sorry, but no.

16.  You are starving, but you know the queens must eat first. What do you do?
 Screw the queens, take a big juicy squirrel.
 Feed the queens anyway.
 Ask if the queens will share.
 Don't feed the queens or yourself.

17.  You killed a cat in battle. How do you feel?
 Not great, but a warriors gotta do what a warriors gotta do.
 Ummm.... I'ts a wierd feeling....

18.  If you saw a blind elder from another Clan walking around your territory, what would you do?
 Tell it to go away.
 Say: Excuse me, are you lost? Your on (your clan)'s territory.
 Kill it! Dumb furball.....
 Ignore it.

19.  You are all alone when a giant dog comes your way! What do you do?
 Stand your ground and fight.
 Lead it into another Clan's territory.
 Fight it and don't stop until it's a pile of blood and bones!

20.  Last one! How you like to excercise?
 Killing others. | Copyright 2006-2008