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Quiz By : aryana1234

And your warrior cat name is...

1.  First, pelt color, (I always start with this question, so just answer it,)
 Black-gray mix

2.  Before I get to the RP, I need to ask you, what Clan would you choose, if you could?
 I'll stick with RiverClan, I think...
 I'll choose ShadowClan...good ole ShadowClan
 Agggh....I'll die and go to StarClan!

3.  Pick an element in nature:

4.  Okay, RP time...You are hunting with your mate and best friend, and your mate loses her way. Your friend loses his way soon after as well. You're worried about your mate, she's pregnant, and not fit to be alone. Your friend can cope well, but gets scared when he's alone. What do you do?
 I am very worried about my mate, anyway, my friend can cope, he'll be fine.
 I would be torn! I'd try for my mate first, probably.
 MY FRIEND! He is my guidance, really. But once I find him, we'd go find my mate.
 I am loyal to both, but my mate is in much more peril than my friend. So I'd go find her first.
 With both missing, I wouldn't know what to do. Probably my mate though.
 I'm a med cat! why would I have a mate??

5.  For StarClan's own sake, let's drop the RP for a minute and I'll ask you what rank you'd like to be.
 Senior warrior

6.  All right, black to RP. Okay, you're a queen nursing your kits, and a badger attack forms. In the mayhem, your best friend begins labor. The medicine cat doesn't notice, and you have two choices; slip past the battle and grab the medicine cat. Or ignore your friend's cries and wait till the battle is over. What would you choose?
 My kits are more important than my friend's.
 Um...choice one, right? That's practically the ONLY good choice, I mean, my friend's in great pain, I know what it feels like!
 My friend is the only solution, it was her ambition to have kits with someone, and kits she'll have.
 I'm busy fighting, but if I was in there, I'd grab the med cat.
 Aghhh, who cares about kits? I didn't want 'em myself, I was forced into it.
 KITS? Did someone say KITS? I'd better help!

7.  Okay, so you have had five kits, a gray one, a silver one, a black one, a ginger one, and a white one. What to you name them?
 Uh...I think the easiest names would be Graykit, Silverkit, Blackkit, Gingerkit, and Whitekit
 Stormkit, Willowkit, Nightkit, Flamekit, and Frostkit
 Stonekit, Skykit, Darkkit, Firekit, and Cloudkit
 Rockkit, Streamkit, Ravenkit, Squirrelkit, and Snowkit
 Pebblekit, Silverkit, Midnightkit, Foxkit, and Icekit
 Lightningkit, Dewkit, Crowkit, Applekit, and Shimmerkit.

8.  You're the leader of your Clan, and you have to choose a mentor for a strong and worthy kit, what kind of warrior do your choose?
 A wise and experienced warrior, they know how to handle apprentices
 A young, yet inexperienced warrior, I believe that young warriors need to know what it's like with an apprentice.
 Any warrior, really, I don't care.
 I believe starting mentors at a young age is wonderous.
 Older warriors are better, in my opinion.
 Any warrior is worthy of becoming a mentor

9.  Now, second to last question, would you want to be a warrior, if you could?
 I don't think so, but it'd be an honor...
 Yes, I am a great leader...
 Of course
 On one condition, IF I WOULD BE A MEDICINE CAT.

10.  Last question, did you like this quiz?
 No, it needed more questions.
 I'll give it to you
 Two thumbs WAY up!
 Yes, it was charming
 I liked it
 It didn't have enough medicine cat questions! | Copyright 2006-2008