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Quiz By : champ1

What Warrior Cat Are You?

1.  Your territory is being attacked by an invader clan. What do you do?
 What's going on? I was "hunting"
 Try to solve the problem
 Attack but not too fiercely
 Sneak away during all the confusion and try to kill your leader
 Cower in fear

2.  Your dimwit friend's first love is from another clan. What do you do?
 Spread rumors
 It happened to me too, like I care
 Okay, let's see here..
 The kits better be in this clan!
 I'll keep a secret
 I'm gonna stay out of it

3.  You would do what in your free time?
 Ugh leading a clan is so hard!
 Plan an attack
 Build up your clan protection, It's so weak!
 Train your apprentice
 See your secret love

4.  Your pelt type would be?
 Silvery blue
 Brown tabby
 Ginger tabby
 Black and white
 Gray tabby

5.  You'd rather be in what clan?
 Well, I want to be in RiverClan and ThunderClan | Copyright 2006-2008